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Attract More Home Buyers

 5 Ways to Impress Home Buyers!


MM 5 Ways To Impress Home Buyers-1




1. Relationship

Even though a majority of home buyers will be millennials, a solid relationship with their agent is a #1 priority for these first-time home buyers. Home buyers want someone they can trust, and someone who will be an emotional equalizer as they make this huge decision.



 Pro tip: Part of having a trusting relationship is telling the home buyers the good and the bad of every home they walk through. 


2. Communication

Email and picking up the phone are no longer the desired methods for home buyers. They want FAST communication from their agents. Be tech savvy and become a text messaging jedi. 



 Pro tip: Make sure you are able to show home listings and send documents directly to a home buyer's phone for instant communication. 


3. Knowledge

Home buyers want you to be open and honest with your knowledge. Arm your buyers with the most knowledge you can, so they can make the very best decision about their home purchase. Go beyond paint color and decor and give your buyer information about property value and expected growth, schools, crime, and the overall cost to own a particular home. 



 Pro tip: Know each buyer's overall financial goals and means. By having an understanding of their budget you can help guide them into a home that will serve their financial house.


4. Contractors

Have a list of your most trusted contractors so your home buyers will have a starting advantage when they become homeowners. This is a great way to increase your value to your buyer, but also increase your business



 Pro tip: Put together a preferred providers list with a referral partners discount. That way you build a circle of business with your industry partners and your home buyers get an extra advantage for working with you and your trusted partners!


5. Stay in Touch

This goes back to having a relationship with your home buyers. Be sure to stay in touch after they become homeowners.This is a key to the continued success of your business. It proves that you are a lifetime guide and a resource to your home buyers.



 Pro tip: Keeping a continued relationship with your home buyers not only increases your own referral base, it also increases your contractors' referral base. Plus this helps support local businesses!

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